Mr. James Likoudis

James Likoudis is a former College Instructor in History and Government with 20 years of teaching experience in public and private education. A nationally known writer and lecturer on Catechetics, Sex Education and Liturgy, he has published many articles on these and other subjects of interest to the Catholic laity. He was a co-founder and leader of "Credo of Buffalo, a Chapter of Catholics United for the Faith (CUF)", a lay Catholic organization formed to promote the Truths and Doctrines of the Church. In 1977 he translated from the French Renee Casin's "St. Thomas Aquinas, Orthodoxy, and Neo-Modernism in the Church", and is the author of several books dealing with Sex Education and the ecclesiology of the Eastern Orthodox churches.

Author of many articles on Liturgy problems following the current reforms of the Second Vatican Council, he co-authored "The Pope, the Council and the Mass" (Christopher Publishing House) which has been hailed as an outstanding defense of Pope Paul VI's "Ordo Missae" and the genuine liturgical reforms envisaged by the Second Vatican Council. L'Osservatore Romano noted: "This book has been sorely needed for well over a decade" (11/2/81). A new edition of "The Pope, the Council and the Mass" with important additional material has been re-published and is now available (see www.emmausroad.org).

A convert to the Catholic Church in 1952, Mr. Likoudis has since devoted a great deal of his efforts to foster the reunion of the Eastern Orthodox churches with the Catholic Church. His book "Ending the Byzantine Greek Schism" (2nd revised edition, 1992) dealing with historical and theological issues raised by Eastern Orthodoxy, witnesses to the author's longstanding preoccupation with ecumenism and his desire for the full reconcilation of the separated Byzantine Greco-Slav church with the Chair of Peter.

His second work on ecumenism and Orthodoxy is: "The Divine Primacy of the Bishop of Rome and Modern Eastern Orthodoxy: Letters to a Greek Orthodox on the Unity of the Church" which is a powerful refutation of objections to the Papacy made by Protestants and Eastern Orthodox and an impressive demonstration of the evidence for the universal jurisdiction of the Pope over the entire Church, both East and West during the first Millennium of the Church's history.

His latest work completing a trilogy of significant and important works dealing with Eastern Orthodoxy issues is: "Eastern Orthodoxy And The See Of Peter: A Journey Toward Full Communion", of which the first 3 Chapters give an account of and the reasons for Mr. Likoudis' own reconciliation with the Catholic Church from Greek Orthodoxy while a student at the University. Other Chapters deal with Reflections on the History of the Byzantine Schism, and contemporary ecumenical issues.

Mr. Likoudis has lectured extensively in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and England to parents groups, CUF Chapters, and other Catholic Associations on many issues affecting education, family life, and the role of the laity in the Church.

James Likoudis is the 2002 recipient of the - BLESSED FREDERICK OZANAM AWARD for CATHOLIC SOCIAL ACTION - presented at the October 18, 2002 Annual Meeting of the Society for Catholic Social Scientists.

Married and the father of 6 and grandfather of 35 children, James Likoudis is president-emeritus of the Internationally known lay association Catholics United for the Faith (CUF) headquartered in Steubenville, Ohio (see www.cuf.org).    Mr. James Likoudis and his gracious wife, Ruth, presently live in the beautiful village of Montour Falls, New York.


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