10 Reasons to join
Catholics United for the Faith

1. CUF's Information Services staff (1-800-MY-FAITH) fields hundreds of calls each week from both Catholics and non-Catholics who want to know what the Church really teaches and why. With a staff that includes a canon lawyer, a theologian, an educator, and a Protestant convert, Information Services also publishes FAITH FACTS - over 150 tracts that concisely describe Catholic teachings on matters of faith, morality, liturgy, and other issues. FAITH FACTS are available free of charge to all CUF members.

2. CUF publishes Lay Witness, the award-winning magazine that helps over 13,000 people each month to understand and live their faith better. The magazine was voted the best in its class by the Catholic Press Association in 1998. Lay Witness has articles on doctrine, morality, family life, and spirituality written by authors who are faithful to the teaching of the Church. These articles are practical and easy to read. All CUF members automatically receive Lay Witness.

3. CUF's frequently updated website (www.cuf.org) features important magisterial documents and news items. CUF members can download FAITH FACTS from the website for free.

4. In 1998, CUF launched Emmaus Road Publishing to help bring Catholic teaching to a wider audience. Emmaus Road's first book, Catholic for a Reason, discusses the biblical foundations of Catholic doctrine. It reached #5 on the Catholic bestseller list -a rare achievement for a first-time publisher! In the past year, Emmaus Road has published four more books and several tape sets. CUF members receive a discount on all Emmaus Road titles. Call us at 1-800-398-5470 or visit the Emmaus Road Publishing website (www.emmausroad.org) for more information.

5. CUF has 99 local chapters in the United States, Australia, Burma, and New Zealand. Members can come together to build up their local parishes and dioceses through prayer, study, and the spiritual and corporal works of mercy.

6. Every year, CUF members receive a beautiful Catholic calendar free of charge.

7. CUF staff members speak at conferences nationwide. If your parish or group would like to host a talk on the Holy Father's teaching aspect of Catholic doctrine, or answering objections to Catholic teaching on Our Lady, or on similar topics, please call us at 1-800-MY-FAITH.

8. CUF fosters effective collaboration among all members of the Church. Through contacts with the Vatican and with the assistance of our advisory councils, CUF provides a constructive voice for lay Catholics.

9. CUF is striving to win the next generation for Christ and His Church. In 1997, we launched FOCUS (the Fellowship Of Catholic University Students), now an independent apostolate, to help college students grow in holiness. We also publish the critically acclaimed Faith and Life catechism series for grades 1-8. The series is artistically beautiful, and its fidelity to the Catechism of the Catholic Church has been recognized by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops' Ad Hoc Committee to Oversee the Use of the Catechism.

10. CUF can help you become the saint God is calling you to be. Christ calls all of us to be perfect as His Father is perfect and to lead others to Him and the Church He founded. Through the nine benefits mentioned above, you can become an even more prayerful, well-read, and contagious Catholic.