CUF Testimonials and Endorsements

Proclaiming Christ to a New Generation

Catholics United for the Faith has been a very powerful force in the spreading of true profession of the Catholic faith throughout the Church today. I count it my very special honor to be a part of this organization. CUF has shown itself to be a leader in the Church and in the world by following Our Blessed Lord's call to be His faithful disciples.
-Most Reverend James S. Sullivan
Bishop of Fargo, ND

"Thirty years ago, Pope Paul VI wrote Humanae Vitae, which gave a sound foundation of truth in the area of sexual morals and prophetically revealed the moral crisis ahead. It has also been 30 years since Catholics United for the Faith began its constant history of standing firmly with the Holy Father on all papal teaching... Congratulations! May we alI faithfully follow the teaching of the Magisterium when it's clear sailing, but especially when the rough waters of confusion threaten the Church. Keep going. Your work is important. May God bless and keep you."
-Father Michael Scanlan, T.O.R.
President, Franciscan University, Steubenville, OH

Throughout its 30-year history, CUF has been a special gift from God to the Church. Arising during an intense period, marked by a crisis of faith and dissent from the moral teaching of the Church, CUF heeded the challenge of the Second Vatican Council which called for an active involvement of the laity in the renewal of the temporal and ecclesial order. In an age of unfaithfulness, members of CUF strove for fidelity to the Magisterium of the Church and loyalty to the Holy Father. I am confident that, with the grace of God, the CUF apostolate will continue to bear abundant fruit as we move into the new millennium."
-Timothy O'Donnell
President, Christendom College, Front Royal, VA

When CUF was founded, it was a lone voice in the American wilderness. Thirty years later that voice is seen to have been prophetic. The issues that CUF has emphasized have been make-or-break issues within the Church. And on each issue CUF has been on the side of the angels (not to mention the side of the Popes). It's an enviable record of fidelity.
-Karl Keating
President, Catholic Answers, San Diego, CA

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