Defending the Texts of the coming new Roman Missal


Mr. Likoudis writes to the Editor of "Elmira Star-Gazette", a local newspaper, responding to an article published in the August 21, 2010 issue of that newspaper, quoting the negative and unjust criticism by the disgruntled Jesuit priest Thomas Reese of the Woodstock Theological Center at Georgetown University, concerning the revised Texts of the coming edition of the Roman Missal

August 21, 2010

Letter to the Editor
Elmira Star-Gazette
Opinion Page
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Elmira, NY 14902


The article (8/21/10) on the new Roman Missal to be used next year in all Catholic parishes of the Roman rite quotes the unhappy comments of the disgruntled Jesuit Thomas Reese of the Woodstock Theological Center at Georgetown University. For him, the new translations are "a step backwards and confusing to the people in the pews". One fails to see how this can be since the people in the pews have never read the new translations or been properly catechized concerning the new texts.

Actually, the new texts sanctioned by Pope Benedict XVI and the American Bishops give voice to and confirm the dissatisfaction of many in the pews at the badly translated texts of the Mass they have suffered through 40 years of so-called liturgical renewal marked by Woodstock-type Masses replete with strumming guitars, banging pianos, not to mention the prevalence of banal and insipid musical ditties that have no relation to the traditional sacred music of the Church.

Fr. Reese is not alone in trying to stop Pope Benedictís "Reform of the reform" that is intended to correctly implement the authentic liturgical directives of Vatican II. He reminds me of his other liberal confreres at Woodstock who would happily join in writing a volume to instruct those in the pews: "Catholic Liturgical Directives for Dummies by other Dummies".

Sincerely yours in Christ,

— James Likoudis,
P.O. Box 852,
Montour Falls, NY 14865

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